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Period Correct 80’s Bluetooth Radio (Green Illumination)


Finally, a reasonably priced, period correct radio for 80’s vehicles. Never again do you have to look at the flamboyant designs and flashing lights of the requisite discount-store-aisle units. This particular design is carefully interpreted to fit the lovably simple, hard-cornered interiors of 80's cars and trucks. It features a satin black finish with appropriate green backlighting and a simple, no nonsense display carefully tinted to mimic the factory clocks from the time period.

This is a beautifully simple mech-less unit, with no moving parts of heavy mechanisms to malfunction over time. This radio is a standard single-DIN size, and should fit seamlessly in any vehicles that feature green interior illumination. With this unit you get everything you need, and nothing you don't; Instantaneous Bluetooth connectivity for music, navigation and phone, FM radio with presets, and 4 channels at 60watts of power. There’s a basic EQ with bass, treble, balance and fader. Siri even works when the button on your iPhone is pressed! It also has slots for AUX, USB, and SD cards. What’s left out are all the things you don’t need; CD drives, cassette decks, and boisterous, colorful EQ displays. AM radio is not supported.

*some shimming / adjustments may be required for perfect fitment, depending on mounting style. A standard single DIN radio cage is included with your purchase. Some slight variances in production models may be present.

This is a limited production run, and currently radios are shipping within one week of purchase.

All radios will come with a 90 day warranty against defects in functionality

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